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Quickswirl Inventor Leads Third Stone Gulf Coast Trout Series Tournament

AUSTIN, TEXAS- March 28, 2012-  Quickswirl, LLC today announced that its inventor and co-founder Roger Friedrichs, along with teammate and brother Joe Friedrichs, lead an impressive field to win the prestigious “Specktacular Team of the Year” award in the 2012 Third Stone Gulf Coast Texas Trout Series.

A four tournament series with tournament dates including January 21, February 18, March 17 and April 21 & 22, 2012, the series is three quarters of the way complete, with only the April 21 & 22 dates remaining. Friedrichs and his brother Joe have been impressive from the start. In January, the Friedrichs brothers placed third overall out of a total of 52 two man teams, weighing in 17.09 lbs for their combined weight of three speckled trout. Their big fish in January was a 6.51 lb trout. In February, they placed first overall, weighing in 19.09 lbs for their top three trout, with Roger Friedrichs catching the overall big trout of 7.48 lbs. This weight total set an all-time record in the tournament series for a one day total. In March, the Friedrichs brother continued their dominance, placing first place overall again, weighing in 18.92 lbs for their top three trout, and their big fish, caught by Joe Friedrichs, was a whopping 8.2 lbs and just over 29 inches.

Roger Friedrichs noted, “We are pleased with what we’ve accomplished to date but we still have work to do.  We know where the big girls live and look forward to another great couple of days in April to finish the series out. I’m confident we will finish strong.”

Craig Biddle, CEO and co-founder of Quickswirl added, “I’ve fished with some of the most experienced professional fisherman in the world and it’s no surprise to me that Roger finds himself in the position he is in. He has the skill, knowledge and experience to compete at the highest level with the best of them.”

Quickswirl, the revolutionary instant lure connector, invented by Friedrichs and launched in 2007, continues to expand its scope and reach as a best of breed product for both professional and recreational fishermen alike. The company has expanded its product line to now include six (6) distinct products currently selling on their website (www.quickswirl.com) as well as in retail outlets throughout the country. Those products include:

  • Original Quickswirl- 140 lb. test stainless steel
  • Original Quickswirl (w/ swivel)- 140 lb. test stainless steel
  • Original Quickswirl (w/ ball bearing swivel)- Nearshore version- 360 lb. test stainless steel
  • Double Trouble- The next generation spinner bait
  • Double Trouble Supplemental Blade Systems- Red/Chartreuse and Orange/Blue

A seventh (7th) product is coming soon, the Original Quickswirl- Offshore version with ball bearing swivel,  in 850 lb test stainless steel.

About Quickswirl, LLC

Quickswirl, LLC is a diversified fishing tackle manufacturing company that specializes in bringing best of breed and innovative products to the fishing community.



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