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Guide's Corner

Welcome to the Guide's Corner. Although we are a young company, the feedback we are receiving from the professional fishing community has been overwhelming. We wanted to share some of this feedback and give you a sense for who is using the product and what they think about it.

“Quickswirl is the best product in its class. It’s easy to use, durable and I have never lost a trophy trout or over-sized redfish due to a product malfunction. Thanks Quickswirl!”

Captain Jesse Arsola
Owner - Reel Life Adventures

"Quickswirl allows a quick and easy way to slip on a bait and it is stronger than any clip I have ever used. Quickswirl takes the stress and pounding that a trophy snook, a brusier redfish, and even what a fiesty tarpon can dish out. Thanks Quickswirl." 

Captain Ernest Cisneros


"I've been using Quickswirl for a while now and I love it. It's a strong, durable, fool proof product that makes life easier on the water for me and my clients. I've yet to have a fish cause the product to straighten and have landed 40+ lb. drum with it. It works excellent with monofilament and braid line. I'd highly recommend Quickswirl."
Captain Mickey Eastman

"I just switched over to Quickswirl and wanted to say thanks for such an outstanding product.Ê I have enclosed a picture to show what the Quickswirl was able to handle.Ê This was 52" Bull red was caught on a top water attached to a inshore Quickswirl with swivel while hunting for trophy trout.Ê Keep up the good work!!! "

Capt. Tim Bradbeer
Beach and Bay Charters
Galveston Bay

"I spend hours on the water wading for big fish,especially the the cold winter months when the BIG GIRLS are on the move,facing extreme weather, cold hands, and big fish. In these conditions,you need an easy, fast way to change lures. The Quick swirl is the best lure connector on the market today! Whether you are seeking quick lure changes, strength or dependability, there's nothing better. I fish for a living and only use the best... that`s Quickswirl..!!!!"

Capt.Bubba Ray
Big3Guide Service
Galveston Bay

Quickswirl swivels provide advantages for anglers seeking quick lure changes and continuously strong connections to fish. The rounded edges compliments its small size decreasing snags or hang ups in grass and shell. While the design allows for quick lure attachment and removal. Wadefishermen experience some of the most wet, cold, and slimy conditions on a daily basis, especially when wading in wintertime. Such rigorous conditions are where snap swivels and knot tying become tedious. Quickswirl shines with its no-brainer spin on and spin off design.

Captain Kyle Tomek

"I have used pretty much every type of "quick clip" product on the market. And admittedly, they do not all work as advertised. Recently, I decided that I would give Quickswirl a try and see how it performed through various scenario's. I was overly impressed! It did not matter what lure we were throwing, the Quickswirl handled all applications. The product is simple and reliable. I did not loose a fish, did not hang-up in the grass when working a soft plastic, and did not have the lure try and hang or wrap on the swirl while on the retrieve. When fishing both soft plastic's and top-waters, Quickswirl makes it easy to constantly be changing lures and keep up with what the fish choose to feed on. Thank you, not just from me, but from fishermen all over, for such a great product. Keep up the great work.!"

Captain Travis Walker

I'm a very demanding Freshwater tournament angler and Lake Houston fishing guide that strongly believes in and has full confidence in the products I use. I've been using The Original Quickswirl with and without a swivel (for spinning reel applications) for about a month now and lure changes have been a snap, the baits I normally use the Quickswirl on are crankbaits, poppers, swimbaits, and small spinners. Not only does the Quickswirl make lure changes a snap, but you'll never have to tie another loop knot (on poppers) again. The Quickswirl and the loop knot have the same advantages, but the Quickswirl adds strength to your setup. The Quickswirl is lightweight and compact and has a dull dark coffee colored finish which allows me to maintain a subtle presentation on those high pressure days without altering the action of my bait or adding any unwanted color to my bait. I use the Quickswirl on all size crankbaits and poppers ¼ oz.-3/4 oz., and on small spinners down to 1/8 oz. Since the Quickswirl is made of a high grade-non-corrosive stainless steel, which adds versatility, it can be used in any water salt or fresh, and can withstand a multitude of climates. The Quickswirl is also great for the traveling angler that is limited to a rod or two per fishing trip; just tie your line once to the Quickswirl and change baits all day long without cutting your knot. Great job Craig Biddle and Mr. Friedrichs on the design of this product. I LOVE IT!

Chris Berry

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