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Craig Biddle and Roger Friedrichs have been fishing the coastal waters of the Gulf Coast, from the Everglades to Mexico for over twenty-five (25) years. In constant pursuit of trophy snook, trout, tarpon or redfish (or any other fish that swims), the fishing partners of Quickswirl™, LLC have spent thousands of hours on the waters, where a constantly evolving fish bite demands an ever changing lure selection. With a focus on trophy fish, they understand that one failed knot, one dull hook or any equipment malfunction could cost them a state record or 1st place in a major fishing tournament. Recognizing the need for a product like Quickswirl™, they used a range of products with what appeared to be similar designs. Unfortunately, none of those products met their rigid standards. In addition, countless hours of fishing by moonlight with topwaters and wadefishing on frigid mornings in February in pursuit of egg laden 12 lb specks, where knot tying became more of a challenge, continued to reinforce the need for a solution. It only took a few lost trophy fish because of product failure to stimulate the engineer in Mr. Friedrichs to design “a better mouse trap”. Quickswirl™ was born and the rest is history.


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