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Double Trouble-  (2 per package- includes 3 blade systems) - In Stock

Double Trouble - $4.99/package - two Double Trouble and 4 blade systems/package

How to Use
Double Trouble reinvents the freshwater spinner bait concept and improves & expands upon its application. Taking the Quickswirl design to the next level, the swirl on/swirl off functionality allows for a wide range of diverse lure/blade combinations as determined by fishing conditions.

On one end, jig heads in any size, ranging from 1/8 oz to 3/4 oz, with custom selected skirts or soft plastics such as sassy shad, imitation shrimp, bass assassin, sand eel or devil eye can be interchanged with ease.

On the other end, the highest quality brass-base blades in both hammered gold and hammered nickel are included. Each package will include a total of four interchangeable blade systems, two willow leaf (one gold, one nickel) and two Colorado (one gold, one nickel). Blade systems include blade, split ring and swivel. A wide range of interchangeable brass-base colored supplemental blade systems are also available.

This deadly combination of what we call "flash & flesh" is a killer on trophy fish.

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