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What is Quickswirl?

Quickswirl is a new, revolutionary instant lure connector device that allows fishermen of all ages to quickly change lures in a snap- without the snap. The Original Quickswirl ™ is specifically designed for easy use and durability and has been stress tested to outperform all its competitors. Functionality is the focus, with design features that ensure the lure will stay attached and survive the most extreme conditions.

About Quickswirl

QuickSwirl™ was invented by Roger Friedrichs, a native Texas coastal fisherman whose primary focus is catching trophy speckled trout and redfish. He recognized a need that no current product on the market would solve in a manner that effectively provided a solution. And, when every cast you make has the potential of producing a state record, you cannot afford equipment malfunction, ever. While similar products exist, their design and functionality do not produce the same results. Never lose another fish due to malfunction or ineffective design. Quickswirl- They Don't Let Go!

Research & Development
Mr. Friedrichs and his partner and co-founder of Quickswirl™ Craig Biddle, have spent many long hours on the Texas Gulf Coast, wade fishing the bays. Most days, they experience a fish bite that seems to evolve with the day. Lure color, size, type (top water, soft plastics, plugs) often need to be changed many times in a given day, causing the repeated need to replace fishing lures on the end of their line. For example, on given days, as new fishing territory is covered, Mr. Friedrichs would notice fish responding to specific situations based on structure and conditions (ie…trout chasing shad over shell, redfish grubbing for crabs in mud, flounder eating gobie on a drop off). In each case, these circumstances, which are dynamic in the sense of evolving variables of wind, water conditions, tide, temperature, barometric pressure, etc…. demand immediate lure adjustment. And, in many cases, there is a limited window of opportunity to present a bait to the target fish. The quicker a lure change can be made, the higher the fish catch will be. There is a direct correlation between the ease and speed of lure change and catching fish. While certain products exist in the market, they do not offer the necessary design for consistent functionality. QuickSwirl™ offers such a solution. Easy to use, extremely durable and cost effective, QuickSwirl™ is a very simple but unique product that enables fisherman to quickly change lures at a moments notice with 100% guaranteed performance.

Raw Material
The raw material we use is specifically made for abrasion resistance and protection from sharp teeth. Our leader wire is torsion straightened and treated so it is nearly invisible beneath the water, and has a dark coffee colored finish. These specifications ensure the highest quality product every time.

Field Tested
The product has been rigorously field tested to ensure consistent product performance. Deep sea, offshore models have been successfully tested with zero product failure or compromise to catch Wahoo, Dorado, Shark, Kingfish, Ling and Amberjack. In addition, this same offshore model has been stress tested in controlled environments to substantive levels subjecting the product to extreme pressure without compromise. The inshore version has been similarly tested on trophy redfish, striped bass, snook, bluefish and 30 + lb jack crevalle without compromise. In addition, it has also proven to be particularly effective on freshwater species such as largemouth/smallmouth bass, musky, northern pike, perch, pickerel, salmon, walleye and gar.

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US Patent # US D536,763 S
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